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Survey signatures explained

To increase responsiveness, we typically add a survey signature at the bottom of a survey to elevate the survey from a faceless generic corporate survey to a more personalised invitation by your CEO.

For the CEO signature at the bottom of the survey, we will need the following information:

  1. Photo of your CEO or department head.
  2. Signature contact information, e.g. Name, Position, E-mail, Phone.
  3. Personal statement about why responses are important. Just a few brief sentences. Examples in English and Danish are below:

English examples:

  • We strive to give you the best experience, every time. Thank you for completing the survey, your opinion counts.
  • Your opinion matters. My priority is to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience of COMPANY NAME and this survey is a vital tool towards achieving that goal.

Danish examples:

  • Din mening tæller. Min vigtigste opgave er at sikre at alle får bedst mulige oplevelse med os. Alle svar vil blive taget under kærlig hånd. Tak.
  • Din mening er super vigtig! På FIRMA NAVN vil vi gerne blive bedre hver dag, så du får den bedste oplevelse. Alle svar kigger vi på og tager  seriøst. Tak :-)
  • Din mening er vigtig. Hos FIRMA NAVN arbejder vi løbende på at blive endnu bedre, så vi i stigende grad lever op til dine forventninger og behov. Vi sætter stor pris på din respons.


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