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This manager can relax
– his loyal customers aren’t going anywhere.

"If you have loyalty and a high Net Promoter Score of 80 then your customers won’t be going elsewhere when something new comes along. Whereas if your score is as low as 40, your customers will disappear before you have even realised.”

Martin Thorborg, user of relationwise

Your all-in-one Customer Experience platform. Easy to get started, easy to use.

Customer feedback on autopilot

Ask your customers regularly. The system ensures that the same customer won’t be asked too frequently.

The customer replies

The customer gets an email with the question: How likely are you to recommend our business and why?

You get the results

With our dashboard you can easily keep up with customer feedback and make better decisions.

We integrate to all the most common systems on the market such as

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Actionable customer feedback that makes a HUGE difference

The alert function sends you notifications when customers respond negatively. When you receive alerts immediately you can react much faster than other companies to customer unhappiness. Detracting customers can be converted into loyal promoting ambassadors before they begin spreading negative word of mouth about your company. You can also get alerts sent straight to your email.
Get an auto-generated monthly report sent directly to your email where you get a full overview of unhappy customer incidents and how many and how promptly they were subsequently resolved.

Our customer stories

Everyone loves Relationwise. Our customers come in all sizes and both B2B and B2C companies around the world work with us. Read the stories

Benchmark your organisation

In our benchmark module you can compare how loyal your customers are with specific members of your team, department, shop, product - or whichever kinds of comparisons make sense for your organisation.

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