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How does it work?

What is Net Promoter Score®?

Net Promoter Score® is also known as the “ultimate question” to ask your customers and colleagues: How likely are you to recommend us and why? Customers will rate you from 0-10, where 10 is the best.

A KPI that can look into the future

NPS® does something which no other model does better. Imagine a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that could show you how the future will look. You already have plenty of KPIs that show you the current, or previous, state of things. Not many companies have access to a KPI that shows them future customer or colleague behaviour. This is the amazing essence of NPS®.


These are very satisfied and loyal customers or colleagues who you can count on for life. They are even prepared to recommend you to other people.

“Passive Satisfied”(7,8)

Passive satisfied customers and colleagues are not unhappy, but see you as one among many others. These customers and colleagues can be tempted away by other companies should they get a better offer.


The expectations of the customer and colleague have not been met and they are on their way out. They may even be so dissatisfied that they spread negative word of mouth about you.
The big question now is how your customers and colleagues are divided between these three groups, and even more importantly, how you can move them up towards promoter level – and what this could mean to your business.

How do I get my NPS®?

The annual survey is dead! Rather than asking your customer and colleagues to answer a big survey once a year, it has been shown to be much more effective to ask a single question regularly - and be updated regularly.

Customer feedback on autopilot

Ask your customers and colleagues regularly.

The customer and colleagues replies

They get an email with the question: How likely are you to recommend our business and why?

You get the results

With our dashboard you can easily keep up with customer and colleague feedback and make better decisions.

Show History

Track your progress from day to day or month to month. Get your results documented by showing before and after data.

Swipe through time

TV Dashboard

You can now opt to have the dashboard displayed on a TV screen at your company so that all employees can see how many happy and unhappy customers you have. The dashboard can, for example, be displayed in the canteen or the reception area. This way you make sure that the numbers motivate everyone in the organisation to do their best.

Actionable customer feedback that makes a HUGE difference

The alert function sends you notifications when customers respond negatively. When you receive alerts immediately you can react much faster than other companies to customer unhappiness. Detracting customers can be converted into loyal promoting ambassadors before they begin spreading negative word of mouth about your company. You can also get alerts sent straight to your email.
Get an auto-generated monthly report sent directly to your email where you get a full overview of unhappy customer incidents and how many and how promptly they were subsequently resolved.

Benchmark your organisation

In our benchmark module you can compare how loyal your customers are with specific members of your team, department, shop, product - or whichever kinds of comparisons make sense for your organisation.

The search tool

The dashboard features a search function enabling you to see the most recent replies from each specific customer. This ensures you are always up to date on the customers’ views – for example, as you go into meetings.

Word count

This function gives you a quick overview of customer and colleague comments, enabling you to pinpoint what is most important to them. For example, if customers value the word “service”, you click on that and see what they have commented.