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The Alice books have got their place. The popular success of Tim Burtons recent 3D film reminds me that this Victorian story never gone out of fashion. Since Charles Dodgson, reclining on a punt in Oxford, told the tale to Alice Liddell (age 5 or 6) it’s become the archetypal English children’s tale in a land renowned for its sons’ and daughters’ narratives. It is also among the few English children’s stories that feature a heroine. His contemporaries inspired that many narratives taking up the train of thought of Alice’s adventures appeared in print soon after Alice was printed. The popularity of girls literature may have already been aroused for instance with annuals and magazines, at the turn of the century. Alice In Wonderland offered comfort and security, especially during the ramp of world wars, being keenly read and extensively. During the nineteen-fifties, in a hunt for a brutal and new writing, its likely she was relegated to the nursery. Alice became less attractive to English school examiners, being fairly nonsensical and no one appeared to connect the’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves…’ of Lewis Carroll to the language James Joyce was credited with devising although now it’s simple (to see) Carroll’s influence on him.

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But Alice was not to stay in the nursery for long. This turned with childrens books selling in greater quantities, in the past two decades of the century, and thereby scholarship from GCE to PhD adopted it. More research developed on Lewis Carroll, his mathematics, poetry and his references, and cults emerged and increased into the new millennium. Of course, there are combined with the focus given to this quite blacker side of her experiences and Alice its detractors who point out that photographs Lewis Carroll shot of young girls, although always in correct Victorian attire, bordered on paedophilia. Much is written on the’other side’ of the Victorian age understood, for its moral rectitude, thanks to Queen Victoria herself. What really happened in the lives of everyday people is more likely to be learned from private journals, family histories, letters and autobiographies than well known novelists, for example Dickens and the Brontes. Publishers in those days toed the line that was normal. Today, with members of the Catholic clergy disclosed as prime perpetrators, we can take a more liberal way of Lewis Carroll’s photos and his open love and admiration for young girls.

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Like Catholic priests, he was childless and these pictures could happen to be a way into the World of Children through which he’d to peer in order to champion them. And champion them he did. The sadistic repression of ladies that are Victorian that are youthful was unkind, both at home and at school. When he guided his young charges to go paddling at the seashore with him bringing them with which to tie up their voluminous petticoats safety pins, we can draw two conclusions. Either he had a love for his or her ankles or enjoy the freedom of the shore, that was only just becoming acceptable as a prerequisite for it being popular and he merely needed to find them run about. Carrolls Alice was never able to leave home and go in search of adventure, she’s a heroine who may never escape’the nothingness’; a little girl that will always reside in the never-never land of childhood. Although this possibility does not appear until the very ending of the picture, though Alice in Wonderland, the picture, also views Alice as a nubile young girl with the possibility of a real life before her. Associated Articles – Alice in wonderland 2, Alice Leaves Wonderland, Eliza Wyatt, sense, narratives that are absurdity, literature, kids stories, fantasy stories, mad hatter, white rabbit, E-Mail this Article to your Friend!

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