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New Features

22nd May 2017 New filters to the CATI Queuing
The Addition of advanced CATI Queuing selection ensures finer control of the call candidates appearing in the list. The filters are completely user controllable and can be adjusted to reach specific call candidates that appear in an interval of relevance. This ensures higher quality of data because call candidates are within a relevant range.
30th March 2017 Improved administration module
As you might have noticed, the administration module has changed. The design has changed and now matches the design on our website and the dashboard. We have also changed the layout of the different features. The features in the administration module are now in one list, and divided in to relevant categories. This should provide you with a better overview, and a more user-friendly administration module. Do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any problems or cannot find a feature.
15th March 2017 Get instant support via our new chat
We have integrated a chat feature to your dashboard. This makes it possible for you to get quick and easy contact to a Relationwise employee who will help and reply to your message as soon as possible.
5th October 2016 Improved monthly reports
The monthly report has been updated and now includes a benchmark section with a comparison of your current NPS score and the average NPS score for our customer base. The monthly report also shows recommendations to future improvements based on your last month’s scores and feedbacks. It furthermore shows your top 3 loyalty drivers according to the most trending words among your promoters.
2nd August 2016 Categorise your detractors
When you follow up on your dissatisfied customers you now have the possibility to categorize why a customer is dissatisfied. Their feedback is collected via predefined categories and can be presented in your monthly auto-generated report, for example, the top 3 problems your customers encounter.
10th June 2016 Improved graph in Dashboard
The graph showing your company’s development over the past year, month, week or day has been improved. It is now shown as a color coordinated development. Periods of time with a majority of detractors are red, promoters green and passives white. It also shows dates, NPS score and number of completes to provide you with a better overview.
30th May 2016 Update to Relationwise TV dashboard
We have launched a new screen view to the Relationwise TV. You can now also view your benchmark results on the TV screen. As for example, sales assistants, stores, countries etc.
With the new TV development also came an update to the view types. Now it is possible to not only show top six results, but also bottom six.
2nd May 2016 Support for DKIM E-mail authentication
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method designed to increase delivery of e-mail to inboxes. Relationwise already has a great sending reputation, but our new support for DKIM could optimize your delivery even more. Contact for more information.
29th April 2016 Automated monthly summary and feature reminding
We’ve launched a new automated service that will send a summary of results for the previous month to our primary users. The service also includes reminders of the various features that you are not yet utilizing.
31st March 2016 Line graph for NPS development in Dashboard
See the historical development of your NPS with this new line graph feature in your Dashboard. Go to History and toggle to NPS.