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XELLIA PRODUCES ANTIBIOTICS, which we sell as finished pharmaceutical products, but also as active ingredients for other pharmaceutical companies to use in their products. We are a B2B only company and our production is based in Copenhagen, China, Hungary and now also in the USA where we are in the process of expanding our production capacity. We sell our products to companies all over the world and specialise in producing antibiotics for multi-resistant bacteria.

I work as a market analyst in our marketing department. One of my responsibilities is to find out how our customers feel about us. Previously we didn’t have much competition, but we are positioned in the generic part of the pharmaceutical industry and like many other industries we are experiencing growing competition from Asia. This is why it is essential for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

PREVIOUSLY THERE HAS been a focus on price and product, but this is not enough in an industry with growing competition. Amongst other things we distinguish ourselves by the service we provide in connection with a sale. For example, we have a technical support team available to help our customers with any technical questions they may have about our products. Furthermore, we actively strive to deliver our products on time. As well as having a good relationship with our customers these are other things that really matter to them. It makes a difference to many customers that they know their local area manager and the company and that they know that we deliver what we have promised.

Some of what we want to focus on going forward is actively using the feedback we receive. For example, we got a comment from a customer who wanted to be contacted more often, but this is something that can vary a lot from customer to customer. This is of course useful information for the manager who deals with that customer. The more feedback we receive the more interesting it becomes to analyse it and follow the development in our customer satisfaction.

OUR MARKETING is very centred around participating in a few annual conferences where we meet our customers. In connection with the conferences we also hold a social event for our customers. It is all very based on the customer relation and it makes a difference that you have a common reference-point other than the business. In this way you can say: “nice to see you at the event” when you next contact the customer. We feel doing these customer events works well for us. Many customers also mention our friendly staff as a reason for giving us high NPS® scores.

With NPS® we get feedback straight from the customer, which we can pass on to the relevant people. It is a strong tool to use internally in our organisation as we now have it in writing straight from the customer, rather than hearing what the customer said from another person.