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Professionalism is a given, but what isn’t a given is the good customer experience.

I AM THE CO-FOUNDER and Administrating Partner of STORM Law Firm. One of my most important jobs is making sure that the five values of the company are implemented and complied with, as well as making sure that our skilled employees develop their competencies in a creative way.

My vision for the company is that we should be forward looking in every way and think of long-term solutions. Quick fixes do not work when it comes to customer service. We need to think about much more long-term solutions, which sometimes means that we have to say no to some cases. When we accept a case we go all in and have all the specialists required.

We were quite a young team when we started out, but as we have gone along we now have a good balance of young and older “lions”. For us this is the perfect combination because it means we have both the young and hungry but also some very experienced people.

Customer experience has been a focus of ours from day one. The reason for this is that we in STORM really want to make a difference.

It’s obviously expected that I know the legislation, but it is important to our customers that I create value for them and that they understand the dispositions I recommend, which isn’t always a given. At the end of the day the customers are the reason we are here.

This means that we need a way to know whether STORM is delivering what we promise. We have always worked with processes and it was natural for us to start a process in regards to our customer satisfaction. In our experience we succeed with the things we focus on. Currently our focus is on our desire to have very high customer satisfaction. This is why we chose a tool that would automate the process and maintain our focus on the satisfaction of our customers.

“If you always play it safe you will never develop. When it comes to customer satisfaction you shouldn’t be scared of being wrong once in a while.”

IN JUST SIX MONTHS we have made some good results. The first step was Net Promoter Score®, which entails different procedures for how customer feedback should be dealt with. If we learn that a customer has had an unsatisfactory experience, we need to react promptly. The point of the system is to give customers a chance to voice their opinions. It is very important that the customers feel that we follow up on their feedback and deal with it. We chose to put up the screen with the dashboard in our canteen. The more visible – the more focus.

Getting these comments is valuable knowledge for us and we appreciate people taking the time to help us refine our product. This is what has the greatest value for us. The critical comments are very important to us as they help us adjust potential issues. Our score is currently 72, but no matter what the score is the focus should always be on doing things in a better and smarter way.

My partners and I agree that customer feedback should be prioritised so that it doesn’t end up lying around waiting for our next annual evaluation.

If we don’t have customer satisfaction at the top of our mind it will slide into the background. Focus will also automatically mean improvements, which is why I believe it is important to make the results visual to all the employees. In our organisation all the lawyers have their own dashboard. Furthermore, we also have employees in support functions who also need to keep up with what goes on in the company. It quickly became apparent that expectations do not always match the result. Some customers give us better feedback than expected whereas other score us worse than expected. In all cases it is always best if the customer makes the effort to write an in-depth comment.

“We have put the screen with the dashboard up in our canteen. The more visible – the more focus.”

OUR STRENGTH is that we implement things very quickly. We did this with NPS® and we have good reason to be proud of it. Our company has only existed for just over three years. We currently have about 35 people and we are all very focused on processes. Industry and field is irrelevant when it comes to customer feedback.

Every company has a product to sell and customers to sell to. It is therefore crucial that the company is able and willing to improve their ways.

If we just stand still, we don’t create any value for our customers. I believe that what you should do for your customers is very specific to the industry you work in. We have a pillar in the company that has “Do something!” written on it. I think this is the best advice when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you are in doubt as to whether you should go left or right the only thing not to do is stand still. If you always play it safe you will never develop. When it comes to customer satisfaction you shouldn’t be scared of being wrong once in a while.