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A customer is like a plant. If you nurture it and give it plenty of water and sun it will grow
– and maybe even bear more fruit than last year.

I AM THE DIRECTOR of Horticoop. We are a trading company primarily aimed at the horticulture industry in Denmark and we sell pretty much anything needed for horticulture production. In many ways you could say that I was born into this business as my parents owned an arable farm. I trained as a gardener myself and became the operational manager of a farm. Later on I decided that I would rather go into sales and started working for a company which sold products for the horticultural industry. I was head of sales for this company for a number of years until I started Horticoop. We are doing well and have managed to grow every year in what is otherwise a falling market.

We started using NPS® in order to clearly understand how our customers feel about us. We look at all the data we get from the feedback on a daily basis and we actively get in touch with customers who give us a high score to find out if there is anything we can do better for them.

We of course do this in order to create ambassadors, but mainly to create customers who are loyal to us. This is my main interest. We have focused a lot more on our daily sales and daily service after we started using NPS®. We now get measured on the service we provide rather than the price of our products.

We have three sellers and I also drive out as a seller. Our salespeople have access to our customer feedback on their tablets and mobile phones, which means that they can actively keep up to date with how the customers are feeling and get in touch with the customers who give us a bad score. We use the feedback actively.

“We now get measured on the service we provide rather than the price of our products.”

Our salespeople think it’s nice to know how things are going but not everyone thinks it’s nice to go out to the customer to have that dialog with them. You can’t just ask the customers why they have only scored us a 5. What you need to do instead is ask them what we can do better.

As the director of the company, I use our feedback and regularly speak to our sales team about potential issues. However, our salespeople generally get high scores from our customers so most of the time we know the reason for any low scores.

In relation to future plans we obviously wish to expand our group of ambassadors but the primary thing is to get our customers to stay loyal. It is much easier to provide a service to a loyal customer than having to fight to get a new one. The customers who come easily go easily too.