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EUROFINS IS a global company consisting of many different companies. We have 200 laboratories in 40 different countries with 20,000 employees. I am based at Eurofins Product Testing here in Denmark. We handle consumer products and make sure that the products we surround ourselves with in our daily lives aren’t full of chemicals. There is currently a huge focus on the phasing out of chemicals in our society. We deliver the service that makes sure that companies abide by the regulations. Market forces play a bigger role today, impacting on how we deliver our services.

There are other test institutes that companies could choose to work with but we differentiate ourselves by offering our expertise to the customer throughout the whole process. We provide a service that helps our customers find out how they can live up to the rules and regulations from start to finish. We want to be a partner to our customers throughout this process. Our competitors are companies you go to if you need only to quickly test a product, but we view service as an integrated part of what we provide. When we look at our “Word Count” on our Dashboard, our service is the aspect people mention the most; this helps us create ambassadors. Our product of course needs to be good, but the extra layer of service is what seems to be making all the difference and it’s something we focus on very strongly.

WE ASK OUR CUSTOMERS the question exactly seven days after we have invoiced them. By doing this we give them the opportunity to score us on the whole process from start to finish, including invoicing and payment. We believe that giving our customers the whole picture is part of the service we provide. Our customer feedback is distributed to the sales reps responsible for the customers as well as to the people involved in testing and consulting in the labs. As such, everyone can keep track of the feedback from the customers they have worked with.

It gives us a boost to receive feedback from people we have worked with over a period of time. We also use the feedback to raise our operational excellence as all scores of 6 or below are taken very seriously and handled internally. We use corrective measures to ensure that issues are solved and do not recur. This way we ensure that we live up to our high standards, but also solve any issues there may be.

“Now it is something our employees talk about and they tell each other when they get a score of 10.”

We have used Net Promoter Score® for two years now and to begin with people were slightly sceptical of it as a tool. A few people were a bit critical towards it and didn’t understand why the system was sending out emails on their behalf. I think this shows how important it is to communicate to your employees what the tool is being used for; i.e., an after-sales tool. When people started getting feedback on their work they began to acknowledge its value and accept it as a tool in the organisation. Now it is something our employees talk about and they tell each other when they get a score of 10.

As we have been using NPS® for two years now, we have customers who rate us for a second and third time. It has been interesting to see the feedback history from those customers, but it is definitely also something we need to get better at using constructively. It is an exciting element as you can see whether we have moved the individual customer or not. It’s one thing to be judged on our service here and now, but the interesting thing is also how we are able to move our customers over time. There can be different reasons why customers give us the same score every time, but when you move a customer you can look internally and see that there is a reason why the customer has changed their score.

NPS® is a great tool to use. In my opinion our company really needed to move focus away from what we do as a laboratory to what we can do for our customers by listening to them. Moving our focus has been the key to this, but there has also been a willingness from everyone to move our focus away from our product and focus more on the service we provide. It is really about increased customer focus and increased competitiveness.


Kenn Jørgensen

I have an MSc in Business Studies from Aarhus Business School and my role in Eurofins is primarily internal and external business development. The internal business development is mainly focused around improving the processes we work with. That could, for example, be our follow-ups on all our after-sales, knowledge sharing or targets for the different departments. Externally I am responsible for the Danish customer portfolio, meaning the whole of the Danish market.