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The editor of the WISE magazine dropped by Cad and The Dandy in London to get a tailor made suit and have a chat with the two owners – two English gentlemen – about good customer service. Maybe we need more gentlemen in business?

James, Cad & The Dandy

WE HAVE BEEN RUNNING Cad & The Dandy for about five years and the business has grown a lot during this time. Our mantra is: amazing suits at amazing prices. We work together with Relationwise because customer satisfaction plays an important role for us. Our suits are not “just” a product. Everyone wants their suit in a specific way. They either want it to have a loose fit or a slim fit, so everyone feels just as unique as the suit itself. Seeing our customers as unique individuals is probably what we need to focus on as a business.

English guys are incredible. They love looking smart, but they might not always be the first to say if they want the sleeves to be different next time. When using a feedback system like NPS it gives our customers the opportunity to say: “I think the service was great, but next time I would like to see some more variety” or something along those lines.
I believe that when you have a good product like Relationwise it is relatively easy to see the results improving.

It has been an amazing learning curve for us to have this system at our disposal in order to get feedback on both smaller and bigger matters and ensure that our service keeps reflecting what we do and want. We have grown enormously over the past years. Last year we went up by 65 percent in what was otherwise a tough year for retail. We need to ensure that our business and service continues in the same way. Relationwise has a great product which helps us focus on what it is we do and not just on our products. It helps us focus on the service we provide and those two things are inextricably linked.

It has been an amazing learning curve for us to have this system at our disposal.

Christian, Relationwise

Even though Relationwise is a technology company I believe it is more important to talk about company culture. As I see it there are two types of cultures. There is the company culture where people constantly want to improve and there is the company culture that consists of mediocrity.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of companies who fall into the last category. I think everyone has tried buying something where either the product or the service was bad. The problem is that when your company culture is mediocre then employees don’t want to make a difference.

They are practically just there to cash in their salary. What we are trying to do with our solution is to encourage companies to actually listen to their customers and improve their ways through the feedback they receive – that is a culture where you are constantly improving.

We never advertise as we wouldn’t gain from it. What works instead is recommendations from our customers

James, Cad & The Dandy

Retail is currently struggling within our specific area. Luxury goods is one of the areas that has been hit hardest during the recession because people cut down on expenses. Despite this we had a great year last year and the new year is off to a good start too. Our business success has always been focused on two things: our product and our service. We never advertise as we wouldn’t gain anything from it.

What works instead is recommendations from our customers. There is a greater chance that someone will buy a suit from us if their friend says: “Hey, this was made by Cad and The Dandy. Why don’t’ you get them to make your next suit?”. Our business survives due to references and recommendations. The most fundamental thing to us is to make our customers happy and make sure we that we provide the best possible service.

Christian, Relationwise

What you are saying here is key. It’s all about making your customers happy and getting them to start recommending you. The thing that many companies get wrong when they measure customer satisfaction is that they don’t measure whether the customer is loyal and would recommend them to others. We call it “the satisfaction trap”. Just because a customer says that they are satisfied it is not the same as being a loyal customer who will stay with you.

Maybe the customer finds a better price somewhere else and they choose to go with a competitor. Therefore the most important thing is that you make your customers happy – not just satisfied, but really happy in order for them to recommend you to their friends and family. This is also why we don’t ask our customers whether they are satisfied, but whether they will recommend Cad & The Dandy to their friends.