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Bolia is a different type of furniture shop. Our company has stores throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Holland and our Internet store is also a central part of the DNA of our company. As such, all of Europe can fall in love with our furniture designs, order them, and get them delivered to their homes. The customer experience is not something we give only to the customers who come into one of our stores - we also give it to those who visit our website.
WE STARTED using the customer experience programme because we wanted to focus more on our customers and engage with them via all media.

It is important to meet the customer where the customer is. With the customer experience programme, we get the chance to get to know our customers. They can tell us if they feel there is a problem with our website or in one of our shops. Our job is to make sure that we produce something our customers like.

Our customers are very good at telling us about their experiences and suggesting potential improvements, which we greatly appreciate. The customer experience programme gives us the needed insight into customer behaviour.

THANKS TO Net Promoter Score® we are now able to compare all of our shops. Our individual shops can even compare their own results with results from the rest of the company. They can use the system to see what others are good at and thereby learn from each other. We can, for example, see if there is a need for greater product knowledge amongst our sales staff in our stores. This was one of the “touch-points” we discovered needed attention thanks to Net Promoter Score®.

One of the other “touch-points” we have looked at is how we send small parts like screws to our customers. We also want this to be a good experience for our customers. That’s why we decided to try and do something extra and put some chocolate or another small gift in the package. Opening a package should always be a good experience.

I HAVE a background as a web designer and programmer. I am now the web manager and am in charge of all of our digital content. You could say that I am responsible for all “touch-points” where there is a screen involved.

In many ways I am the middleman between our IT and marketing departments. News travels fast these days via social media so if we have an unhappy customer we usually find out about it very fast - via, for example, via Facebook. That is why it is extremely important that we are ready to quickly deal quickly with these situations. We focus stronglygreatly on giving the customer an experience when they buy something from us.
WE ALWAYS TRY to get people to smile both when they are visiting our website and when they visit one of our stores. This is one of the things we feel is helping us move our passive satisfied customers to becoming loyal ambassadors.

To me, customer experience is more than just figures. The bottom line is, of course, also important, but we can’t just look at figures. We have to look at the experience and what our customers want because this is what controls our future economy.