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From their office in Copenhagen Admind delivers digital solutions that makes life easier for the service industry.

OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS will happily share their experiences with others. Unfortunately, our unsatisfied customers do the same. This is why it is important that we follow up on the lower scores and this is something I put great focus on. I call all customers who score us 8 and below, which is not a satisfying score to get when 10 is the highest. I think it is important for us to get hold of the passive satisfied customers. We are not satisfied with a score of 8 which is why we always contact our passive satisfied customers and our customers always welcome our calls.

WE WANT TO DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES with the personal relationship. This is what is left if you don’t want to compete on product and price. We have maintained the same price for our products for many years as we decided that price should not be the reason for customers to not choose us as their supplier. The fifth point of our mission is that: “Everyone should be able to afford our highly developed products with a simple approach and countless opportunities”. We have seen that our competitors have chosen to follow our pricing levels meaning that this is no longer a competition measure. We have to create a personal relationship and credibility if we are to survive. Otherwise we will become just one of many. It is an invaluable aid to have a tool to systematically ask our customers so we can ensure that our customers are content and that they have the option of letting us know if they are not. This gives us a competitive advantage.

A message to other directors who have become a bit detached from their customers could be to go out with one of the sellers. I believe it could be healthy for us to see what happens in the field and thereby keep a finger on the pulse. Sellers enjoy being joined by the boss and, furthermore, it helps give them a closer relationship and for the director to get a closer relation with the customers. If you ask me it should be obligatory for all directors: focus on your frontline and customer satisfaction.