This week, we’re sending a part of an article written by Victoria Amelia Barreda de Alba for our content marketing challenge. Continue reading to get three reasons why you should care for your employees.


Happy employees are more detailed and meticulous

According to Achor’s research, doctors who are in a happy mood make diagnoses much more accurately and 19% faster than neutral/unhappy doctors. Nonetheless, this phenomenon does not pertain strictly to doctors. It’s also seen in many other industries and fields. Another example of this can be seen in a study conducted in the University of Toronto. In the study, students were given pictures before a math exam. The study showed that the students who received the negative pictures developed a temporarily negative mood and missed important details on the exam. Meanwhile, the students who were given the positive pictures reacted positively and had better results (Gallagher, 2009).


Happy employees provide better service for our clients

Happy employees react with a better attitude towards our clients. Because of this, customers are more willing to accept momentary offers or sales, therefore increasing overall sales. On a larger scope, happy clients will provide customers with a positive image of the brand. This triggers them to become loyal returning customers and provides a powerful advantage over competitors.


Happy employees will stay

This may seem obvious, but we cannot minimize its importance. Having constant and long-lasting employees says a lot about one’s brand and type of company. Because of this, companies should be more careful in taking care of their employees. On the other hand, retaining employees is also a way to save money, time, and resources, because they are already trained and familiar with their jobs.

After seeing just some of the many benefits of having happy employees, it’s up to companies’ management departments to control, survey, and be aware of how their employees feel while doing their job at all times. Data surveys conducted within the company are some of the methods that can be implemented to help measure employee’s happiness. With the results, the human resource and management department can be aware of the percentages of workers that leave and stay in the company and the amount of years they last. These types of surveys should also include an opinion question in which workers can express their opinions with upper management so the working environment can be pleasant for everyone.

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