Last week we had an interesting chat with Tomas Gleesen, owner of the consulting firm Gleesen & Partners. He gave us some of his best tips on how to work with Customer Success. They’re tips you can use to make sure your customers succeed on their customer journey.

Let’s take a look at them.

What are your customers’ challenges?

First, it’s important to identify what kind of challenges your customer is having. Ask the customer what their top two challenges are when they’re using your product/software. The 1-2 challenges that are on their mind are the challenges that are the easiest for the customer to start working with and succeed.

It’s also important to know their profile: What is their job title? What business are they working in? What level? When you know their profile, you have a better chance of providing excellent service and coaching. This process is not about the product, because the fact that the product is serving its purpose is both fundamental for and expected by the customer. The value of this process comes from giving the customer extra coaching and service that they aren’t expecting. Most importantly, however, the coaching must be relevant for that specific person and profile.

Get better at saying no

You’re the expert and you know your product better than your customer does, so try to guide your customer in the right direction as much as possible instead of allowing them to request new features and developments. It’s your responsibility to guide your customer in the right direction, and with your knowledge, you’re also in a better position to guide them than they are. You must control what value the customer is experiencing. If possible, try to move their focus from functionality to the gain and value they can get from your product.

Have more than one shining light

It’s a good idea to have more than one primary contact in your customer’s company for various reasons. That way, you can create value and share the best practice with different people in the company. You also ensure that you will always have a relationship in the company if your primary contact person changes jobs or reties. In general, this will put you in a better position in various situations. And if you make sure to know your contacts’ different profiles, you’ll be able to provide a personal service that makes them feel special and gives them that extra touch. Naturally, the result of this will be that they get more value from your product.

Get inspired by the English manors

This one might be a no-brainer for some, but it’s always good to hear a small reminder that decency and exceptional service pays off. Be extremely polite and focused on your customers. In England, they are enormously good at being polite, so be inspired by that when you work with customers. When you end a dialogue with a customer, it’s always a good practice to ask the customer if there’s more you can do for him or her.

We remember backwards

How do your customers remember you? Naturally, we all remember the last contact point. We remember backwards, so the last contact point is what your customer will remember you for. So even if the on-boarding went smoothly, this won’t have much value if the customer has a negative experience afterwards. Remember to always be extremely polite and service-minded.