Part from movie The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

What would happen if you could no longer market your company? Would your sales stop – or would you find a new way to reach your customers?

The other day I watched The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. In the film, Director Morgan Spurlock describes how some companies can’t market themselves…and how they do well anyway.

Maybe the alternative to traditional marketing is much more interesting?

According to the film… “São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the Western Hemisphere and here they have done something quite drastic. In São Paulo they have passed a law making all marketing illegal. No advertising, no banners, no posters – nothing. This is the biggest shopping street in São Paulo – the question is how has this new law affected businesses? We’ll ask some of the business owners how things are going.”

How do people know about your company if you haven’t advertised?

They learn about it from the internet and because they’ve heard others talk about it.

Has the way you advertise changed compared to before advertising was made illegal?

You have to change the whole structure of the company. Instead of investing in marketing, we strive to have products which appeal to our customers. Our job is to look for the ones who will refer customers to us.

Not a single ad on taxis. No ads on buses. No ads on buildings… it’s amazing!”

Advertising is probably not illegal in your country, but it has become more difficult and more expensive to reach customers with traditional marketing. Why not make your customers your ambassadors and let them sell you?