–I have a story from my visit to San Francisco. One morning I ordered a cup of coffee in Coupa Café in Palo Alto. After ten minutes, I still hadn’t been given my coffee, so I make contact with a member of staff there. Another five minutes go by and I still haven’t had my coffee, so again I ask a member of staff for my order. At this point, my patience was running out – and only later do I get my coffee. I then wrote on their Facebook wall that this was something they could improve on.

Just two hours later, I get a reply…
It is really good that they replied just two hours later. That is better than some of the large IT companies in Silicon Valley. So far, so good. But if they had seen good service as an investment and not a cost, they could have written, for example, “We are sorry about this but come by and we will give you a free coffee – and this time you won’t have to wait.” The cost of the coffee would have been minimal. I would have probably even bought something to have with my coffee, so they would have made money from my visit. Furthermore, this might even have made me a loyal customer who would recommend them to others. The question you need to ask yourself today is: Does everyone in your company know that good service isn’t a cost but an investment?