The benefits of doing what you are best at

Once upon a time, there was a toy manufacture. He wanted to build toys while keeping in mind that ‘Only the BEST is good enough’. Slowly but steadily, it became a GREAT company. Eventually, the old founder died and a new manager wanted the company to become the BIGGEST in the world. The wise goal of being the best was long forgotten, but what would it matter if it was the biggest? The company expanded and everybody was happy. But then the impossible happened: suddenly, sales dropped and the company suffered the biggest loss in its history. Nearly bankrupt and with massive debts, the end of its days seemed near.

Then a new young manager arrived and got one last shot to pick up the pieces. It wasn’t about being the biggest anymore, but the best. Do what you do best. This became the famous turn around. An ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan with a seven-year run of 20% annual sales growth and 37% annual profit growth. It eventually became the biggest toy manufacturer in the world – all by focusing on being the best. The name of this company is LEGO.

At Relationwise, we love LEGO and it’s story continuously reminds us what we’re all about: creating a great product around great, happy people.