What we can learn from the best restaurant in the world, NOMA! Not just about great food – but how to develop our companies.

Noma has once again been named best restaurant in the world – and most of us probably envy Chef René Redzepi for what he has achieved. But what is his secret? What exactly has he done?

He talked about this in a documentary I watched recently. He told his staff a short story, which I also think you will find interesting and inspiring.

He talks about a nature programme he once watched about gorillas in Africa, and about how we actually share 98 per cent of the same genes. In other words, there is only a 2 per cent difference – but it’s that 2 per cent that makes a world of difference. This is exactly what he wanted to communicate to his staff – how they can find the 2 per cent that means they won’t make mediocre food but world-class gastronomy.

So what about your staff and your company? What will it take for you to find those two per cent that mean your customers aren’t just content but happy customers who will recommend you?