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The author, one of the co-founders of Relationwise, introduces you to Net Promoter Systems, providing a clear “how to” with his groundbreaking book LOVE BRAND. This practical guide contains a wealth of examples of best practice that can be implemented straight into your company.

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Going from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty requires a deeper insight into the mechanics of loyalty and a new perspective on customer service.

Combining theory with solid and inspiring case stories, LOVE BRAND will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the customer approach that has brought massive success to some of the world’s leading businesses.

Read the book before your competitors and become the company that customers love to recommend.
It is not accidental that the world’s most successful companies (e.g., Apple) use a systematic customer assessment tool. And they don’t use just any tool – they use Net Promoter Score®. Get a thorough introduction to this system in the book LOVE BRAND and read the stories of some of the companies who use this model successfully every day to gain customer ambassadors.

Download the book for free here